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Depending on the quality of the original recording, these can often be made to sound almost like commercial recordings - but of course I can't guarantee that for every show. What I can guarantee is it will sound far better than the original files available which have been floating around the internet and on bootleg recordings for many years.

Almost all are either "soundboard" recordings (taken directly from the mixing desk used at the gig on the night) or old FM radio recordings. A few gigs, if they are of special historical importance, make an appearance even if they were recorded from the audience - these can also be made to sound better than ever.

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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Show 105 - The Cars - Nakano Sun Plaza Tokyo - 30 October 1980

This week its The Cars in a 1980 set from Japan captured on FM radio once upon a time, from their Panorama tour - featuring plenty of tunes from their first 2 albums as well, of course.

This was generally a fairly clean but flat and crowded-sounding recording. 30 band EQ was applied to bring the instruments and voices into focus and open up the spaces in between. A couple of defects were fixed but that and the EQ was all that was required really.

The finished result is a powerful, clear stereo recording which really does sound good. The show is available to download here as 1 MP3 file.

Or, if you would like to have separate tagged MP3s, or even lossless files in FLAC format, head on over to the Donations tab to see how you can obtain these for a very small donation towards the site costs.

Misfit Kid
My Best Friend's Girl
Moving In Stereo
Just What I Needed
Gimme Some Slack
Good Times Roll
Bye Bye Love
You're All I've Got Tonight
Don't Tell Me No
Double Life
Getting Through


  1. Very happy to have this -- there are few recordings of the Panorama tour.

    But I'm always curious why you don't post a FLAC file for users who share your interest in getting the most benefit from the audio.

  2. Thanks for commenting (the vast majority don't!). This is the only Cars gig I've found so far - hoping to find an earlier one!

    About FLACs...most users prefer mp3s - I did once canvas opinion on my Facebook group and that was the feedback there too. I aim to please the majority, really - only so many hours in the day. In addition a few of the shows especially the older ones are actually sourced from mp3s too. As was this one, coincidentally! But if enough people wanted it, its something I'd consider in future (alongside mp3s, not instead of).

  3. thank you kindly! this particular show has been difficult to track down, oddly.

    1. Hope you enjoy it! Its a cool show I think - just wish I could find more of theirs.

  4. I just now "discovered" this place glad you have the anon option for commenting but I do have a name and Im going to be searching for good content here.

    analogkid6103 PS: If you have used TPB,Demonoid,1337x,or the deceased KAT and Extratorrent I am well known

  5. Loooks like a great show thanks for the upload!!!!

  6. Thanks for your uploads here. I would be very happy about .flac data

  7. Thanks so much!