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Live and Loud! began as a fortnightly internet radio show in 2012 taking old unreleased live concert recordings I could find and working to repair and improve them - fixing tape hiss, noise, tape drop out, clicks, speed variations, defects - before improving the sound quality by EQing the sound to bring out the instruments as clearly as possible. These are now made directly available to download for free to reach as many fans of the music as possible.

Depending on the quality of the original recording, these can often be made to sound almost like commercial recordings - but of course I can't guarantee that for every show. What I can guarantee is it will sound far better than the original files available which have been floating around the internet and on bootleg recordings for many years.

Almost all are either "soundboard" recordings (taken directly from the mixing desk used at the gig on the night) or old FM radio recordings. A few gigs, if they are of special historical importance, make an appearance even if they were recorded from the audience - these can also be made to sound better than ever.

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Thursday, 21 July 2022

Show 179 - Depeche Mode - Live At Valbyparken Copenhagen Denmark - 16 Aug 1986


This is a restoration of one of two different audience recordings from this last night of the 1986 "Black Celebration" tour. The other one is a bit clearer but parts of what I heard are clipped in places (you hear it as distortion) and clipping is impossible to get rid of. So I gave myself a harder task and set about attempting the worse of the 2! The original was muddy sounding (as you'd expect from an audience recording outdoors), volume was up and down (sometimes in the same song) and the sound often floated over to the right hand side a lot.

As a "last night of the tour" treat, they performed "Somebody" in place of "It Doesn't Matter Two" for the only time on this tour, so it's nice to be able to work on this one.

I had a go at this twice - wasn't so happy with the first attempt so started again pretty much from scratch. It's now far clearer than it was, and at a far more even volume. There is still some drifting of the sound to the right but unless you're listening on headphones you may not even notice now. In any case, this sounds far far better than when I started and I hope you will agree, a much better record of the last night of the tour. You can certainly listen to, and enjoy the gig all the way through. This restoration is dedicated to the memory of Andy Fletcher, original member of DM who passed away suddenly this year.


You can now download the repaired, restored and remastered version of this show exclusively for free, right HERE as one 320kbps MP3 file.

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Christmas Island
Black Celebration
A Question Of Time
Fly On The Windscreen
Shake The Disease
Leave In Silence
It's Called A Heart
Everything Counts
A Question Of Lust
Blasphemous Rumours
New Dress
Something To Do
Master And Servant
People Are People
Boys Say Go!
Just Can't Get Enough
More Than A Party

If you want to hear the original source and compare against my restoration, please visit the excellent www.depechemode-live.com where these files apparently originally came from. The direct link for the source of this restoration is HERE.

Friday, 1 July 2022

Live and Loud! Radio Prog 10 - Frankie Goes To Hollywood - John Peel Session Broadcast - 2 Dec 1982


Live and Loud! Radio is an occasional series of free downloads, which started in January 2017. Radio sessions that never got an official release, sympathetically repaired and remastered and then released onto the internet, all for free.

No theme tune, no intro from me - just the original session, repaired and remastered and available in a downloadable zip file containing each separate track.

1. Two Tribes
2. The World Is My Oyster
3. Krisco Kisses
4. Disneyland

An interesting session, containing a much earlier version of Two Tribes, recorded before Trevor Horn got his hands on it!

Sourced from 320kbps MP3 files; all tracks converted to lossless wav for working on. All tracks were pretty clear but flat. The stereo image sounded badly artificially processed and imbalanced (drums too far on 1 side, for example). Worked to correct that, then mainly bringing back some bottom end, reduction of harsh mids where appropriate and bringing more clarity and life, adding space between the instruments before final mastering.

The zip file for this session contains remastered MP3 versions - and as a bonus for those who prefer them, lossless FLAC versions too. You can download it HERE.

If you wish to express gratitude and donate a dollar or the cost of a coffee to keep the site going, head on over to the Donations tab to see how you can also receive freebies for a very small donation towards the site costs. 

And f you know anyone who wants a copy of these tracks, I'd rather you redirect anyone to my site below for a copy - helps me gauge which artists are popular! - but if you do redistribute please keep the tracks together in the original zip with the info file! Thank you. :)

Either way - enjoy!