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Live and Loud! began as a fortnightly internet radio show taking old unreleased live concert recordings I could find and working to repair and improve them - fixing tape hiss, noise, tape drop out, clicks, speed variations, defects - before improving the sound quality by EQing the sound to bring out the instruments as clearly as possible. These are now made directly available to download for free to reach as many fans of the music as possible.

Depending on the quality of the original recording, these can often be made to sound almost like commercial recordings - but of course I can't guarantee that for every show. What I can guarantee is it will sound far better than the original files available which have been floating around the internet and on bootleg recordings for many years.

Almost all are either "soundboard" recordings taken directly from the mixing desk used at the gig on the night - or old FM radio recordings. A few gigs, if they are of special historical importance, make an appearance even if they were recorded from the audience.

Do your ears a favour and listen on headphones or good speakers to get most benefit - laptop speakers will always sound pretty poor by comparison.

All shows still available are listed, including a link to download the remastered show for free. If you want the shows in lossless format, or as separate tagged files, head over to the Rewards for Donations page and see how you can get a lot for very little!

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Show 108 - Sparks - Live at The Record Plant Hollywood - September 1974

A first showing for Sparks on Live and Loud! and hopefully not the last. A great set from a publicity appearance at The Record Plant in front of a select audience - the first of two sets I think.

The original recording was also available once as a bootleg entitled One and a Half-Nelson and was basically clean, if a bit thin and rather hissy. So I cleaned up the hiss - leaving a little in, to avoid that suffocating "everything sounds underwater" quality so many recordings have get when hiss has been removed badly. After that, it was out with a 30 band graphic EQ to tighten up the bass and drums and take away a bit of harshness which was noticeable on the vocals and Ron's piano, and to reshape the sound a bit to make it clearer.

Fairly subtle changes which will really be heard if you listen on good 'phones or speakers. If you've never heard the original bootleg, well you're in for a treat! A short set but with plenty of chatting from Russell in between songs. All in all, its a great record of Sparks not long after they hit the bigtime in 1974. Mainly songs from Kimono My House but two tracks also from Propaganda (which was released a month or 2 later) make an appearance too.

The show is available to download here.

Hasta Manana Monsieur    
Something For The Girl With Everything    
Talent Is An Asset    
Thanks God It’s Not Christmas    
Here In Heaven    
This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us    
Amateur Hour

Friday, 28 July 2017

Show 107 - Fad Gadget - Rotterdam Arena The Netherlands - 17 March 1984

A long overdue debut on Live and Loud! for one of the true originals in synthpop from the late 70s and early 80s - Fad Gadget.

This is a show from The Netherlands from soon after the release of his 4th album, Gag. I imagine this must have been broadcast on Dutch FM radio at some point. Unfortunately the copy of the broadcast I was able to find had already been "worked on" by someone... When I loaded this show in my editor, the waveform was max'ed out completely - brickwall limiter clumsily applied, I guess. So it sounded hard on the ears and tiring to listen to - everything was LOUD (I know this site is called Live and Loud! but really, this was too much).

So I set to work with the EQ to see if I could fix it - the worst of those excesses are now gone, it sounds far more rounded a recording and easier to listen to. With the added bonus of making the instruments easier to hear, tightening up and reducing the bass a bit, levelling off the top end and...all the usual stuff I do!

The show is available to download here.

State Of The Nation
Coitus Interruptus
Ideal World
Collapsing New People
The Ring
Ad Nauseum
Lemmings on Lovers Rock
For Whom The Bells Toll
Ricky's Hand
Back To Nature
Fireside Favourite

Friday, 21 July 2017

Show 106 - Secret Affair - University of Bristol - 11 February 1980

This is in response to a request from a Live and Loud! listener - always happy to take requests (even though this did take a year to sort out! Sorry about that) It's mod revival band Secret Affair in a 1980 set originally from an FM broadcast. Most of the material comes from their debut album, Glory Boys, released just a couple of months earlier, but also a version of When The Show's Over, which would appear on the 2nd album later that year, Behind Closed Doors.

This was generally a fairly clean recording in good condition so not much repair work this time. Careful use of a 30 band EQ was applied to bring the instruments and voices into focus and open up the spaces in between and I finished off with some mastering tools to bring everything into focus a bit and make it sound punchy.

The finished result is a powerful, clear stereo recording which really does sound good. The show is available to download here.

Glory Boys
Shake and Shout
Road Runner
Going to a Go-Go
When the Show's Over
Don't Look Down
New Dance
Let Your Heart Dance
One Way World
Time For Action
I'm Not Free (But I'm Cheap)

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Show 105 - The Cars - Nakano Sun Plaza Tokyo - 30 October 1980

This week its The Cars in a 1980 set from Japan captured on FM radio once upon a time, from their Panorama tour - featuring plenty of tunes from their first 2 albums as well, of course.

This was generally a fairly clean but flat and crowded-sounding recording. 30 band EQ was applied to bring the instruments and voices into focus and open up the spaces in between. A couple of defects were fixed but that and the EQ was all that was required really.

The finished result is a powerful, clear stereo recording which really does sound good. The show is available to download here.

Misfit Kid
My Best Friend's Girl
Moving In Stereo
Just What I Needed
Gimme Some Slack
Good Times Roll
Bye Bye Love
You're All I've Got Tonight
Don't Tell Me No
Double Life
Getting Through

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Show 104 - The Undertones - New Pop Festival Zuiderpark Rotterdam - 7 September 1980

This week its The Undertones in a short but excellent set from a festival in the Netherlands. Originally an FM radio broadcast, they cram 7 songs into their short set lasting about 18 minutes - but its a great 18 minutes. Kicking off with a couple of singles from their latest album, Hypnotised, you then get 2 earlier singles, a  couple of covers and finishing off with Teenage Kicks.

As usual a defect or 2 were cleaned up and then 30 band EQ applied to what was originally a flat sounding recording. After that, a sprinkling of studio toys to bring things to life a little more - now the guitars ring and you can actually hear the drums!

The finished result is a powerful, clear stereo recording which really does sound good. The show is available to download here.

Wednesday Week
My Perfect Cousin
Get Over You
Here Comes The Summer
Get It On
Rock and Roll
Teenage Kicks

And be sure to check out the longer 1980 show already on Live and Loud! that was done a few years ago here

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Show 103 - Bob Marley - The Boarding House San Francisco - 7 July 1975

This week, its rather hot in the UK so a good time for some Bob Marley!  This was a show originally from FM radio in the USA. The source I was working on had already had the intro taken off and was at the wrong speed slightly - I then came across a slightly better quality recording with the intro on it with speed correction done and reduced hum. So I started again, using that one.

There were a couple of flaws in the recording which I've tidied up as best I could, then removed the original radio announcer who talks over the start. Then it was out with the EQ to bring out the instruments and voices more clearly as per usual. Some of the tracks have low level distorted bass on them - normally I scrap anything with distortion but it doesn't affect every track and the rest of the gig is such a great performance it would be a shame to not let it out there.

Despite that the finished result is a nice, clear stereo recording which sounds great overall now. Especially on a hot sunny day! The show is available to download here.

Trenchtown Rock
Burnin' and Lootin'
Midnight Ravers
Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
Rebel Music
No Woman, No Cry
Kinky Reggae 
Stir It Up
Lively Up Yourself
Get Up, Stand Up

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Show 102 - Howard Jones - Paris Theatre London - 5 Oct 1983

Some time back I was asked if I could find an early Howard Jones recording - it took a while but I finally found some and this was the earliest. Someone had already worked on this and to be honest it sounded pretty bad - far too loud, noise pushed up too and the sound balance was lopsided! So I spent some time fixing the sound balance, removing some noise and then EQing to remove the worst of the OTT bass that had been added and tidy up the rest.

Interesting to hear Howard introduce What Is Love? as just "Love" first of all, before correcting himself - that was its original title (you can hear a very early version of the song if you read on to the bottom of the page!).

Anyway, the gig does sound nice and clear now, just a shame its a little short!  The show is available to download here.

New Song
Dreams Of A Better Place ((early version of Dream Into Action)
What Is Love?

And for those of you who have read to the end of this page - there's an extra freebie for you as a reward! ;-)

I came across some early Howard Jones demos, including a very early version of What is Love? The file says 1977 - can't tell you whether that's accurate or not but I thought it would be a nice little extra to throw in as this gig is quite short. Please note, I've not done anything with the sound on these, they are "as is" so a bit noisy and old sounding!

You can download the zip file containing 5 tracks here.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Show 101 - The Smiths - The Hacienda Manchester - 6 July 1983

The first time I've done a gig by The Smiths. This is from around the time they signed their record deal with Rough Trade, shortly after the release of their first single, Hand In Glove. This was a mono soundboard recording of their 2nd appearance at The Hacienda, with a lot of boomy mid range which was ok played quietly but got wearing on the ears after a while if the volume was up. So a good candidate for a cleanup!

I've done a "pseudo stereo" effect with it, then rebalanced the sound to keep it sounding more natural. Then, I removed hiss and some digital crackles and pops before EQ'ing it to remove that mid range boom, tighten up the bass end a bit and improve the clarity.

Unfortunately most of I Don´t Owe You Anything is marred (no pun intended) by some low level digital distortion - I guess that was generated when it was transferred from tape or vinyl to digital format. Its not unlistenable but just to make you aware its there - I was able to remove a bit but not most of it.

Despite that the finished result is a nice, clear recording which sounds great overall now. The show is available to download here.

Handsome Devil
Reel Around The Fountain
What Difference Does It Make?
Wonderful Woman
These Things Take Time
I Don´t Owe You Anything
Hand In Glove
Miserable Lie
Accept Yourself

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Show 100 - Depeche Mode - Paris Theatre London - 10 Feb 1982

Live and Loud! started in 2012 with a show by Depeche Mode, so it seems fitting that the 100th live show remaster is also by Depeche Mode! This time, a show recorded for the BBC back in early 1982 and the 3rd show I've done lately that was originally recorded for the Live In Concert series at the Paris Theatre (Dramatis and Fatal Charm being the others).

Like those, this is about half an hour long and comes from a point when Alan Wilder had just joined the band after Vince Clarke left. Featuring a mix of tracks from Speak and Spell, b-sides and 2 new tracks, See You and The Meaning of Love, this recording has had some noise removed, a couple of defects fixed and then EQ applied to make it sound nice and clear and bring out the bottom end a bit so the kick drum actually kicks a bit.

The show is available to download here.

I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead
New Life
See You
Now, This Is Fun
Boys Say Go
The Meaning Of Love
What's Your Name?

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Show 99 - Ultravox - Live on German TV - 1976 or 1977

This time we feature Ultravox with the soundtrack to an extremely rare performance on German TV. It's unusual because there’s almost no information about where it was recorded! It's generally only seen as a video or series of videos labeled “Rockpop 1976” - Rockpop was the name of a music programme on German TV but didn’t start until 1978! The setlist however, features only tracks from their 1st album (released in February 1977 along with 1 track Modern Love, which appeared as a free single with limited copies of their 2nd album Ha!Ha!Ha!, released in September 1977. The other 3 tracks are to this day, unreleased and not available anywhere else - so perhaps it's more likely that the recording dates from some time in 1977 (indeed, a couple of people have since suggested this is the case, 1 claim is that it was actually recorded in the UK in early 1977 and broadcast on German TV later - can't find a source for this to confirm and no further details forthcoming at the moment.

In any case, the recording is prized due to featuring those rare tracks. While it is quite short, remember this was originally from a VHS recording of a muddy sounding TV broadcast so I spent a lot of time on this - removing tiny gaps or breaks in the sound, before rebalancing the audio and EQing everything to bring out as much as possible. So vocals, drums, guitar and bass are all far clearer and separately identifiable - you can even hear Billy Currie's keyboards a bit more often now.

The show is available to download here.

Came Back Here to Meet You
Modern Love
Slip Away
TV Orphan
I Won’t Play Your Game
Wide Boys
Sat'day Night in the City of the Dead

Friday, 14 April 2017

Show 98 - Yellow Magic Orchestra - Shinjuku Kouseinenkin Hall, Tokyo - 7 May 1980

A first appearance on Live and Loud! for Yellow Magic Orchestra. This was a very flat and lifeless sounding recording of 2 separate broadcasts from Japanese radio from 1980, where the radio station played this gig in 2 halves (1 week apart), interspersed with quite a lot of talking and adverts for "Fuji Cassetto!" in between tracks (the show was sponsored by Fuji).

I could have left all that in - but sometimes the monologues went on for several minutes and unless you understand Japanese it wouldn't necessarily hold your interest for very long! So I decided to remove all that and edit the show as 1 continuous live recording. It took quite a few hours to do but was worth it, I think. After that, I reduced the tape hiss and then some judicious use of the 30 band EQ has improved the sound quality a lot.

The sound quality is really good now, although the first track or 2 still does sound a little flat, compared to the rest. The show is available for free download here.

Behind The Mask
La Femme Chinoise
Radio Junk
Nice Age
Solid State Survivor
Day Tripper
Cosmic Surfin'
The End Of Asia
Citizens Of Science
1000 Knives
Tong Poo
The Core Of Eden

If you're on Facebook, why not keep uptodate with news on what shows are coming up and other information by searching for "Live and Loud Shows" on there and joining the group or page?

Friday, 7 April 2017

Show 97 - Average White Band - Belmont Park New York - 23 July 1978

Definitely a show to wear your funky trousers to, this one! The recording I had to work on was a pre-FM recording, originally for later broadcast by 2 stations in the USA. As such, its nicely mixed and clean, if rather flat - and unfortunately the sound rather favoured 1 side more than the other on the copy I had. So I fixed that by remixing the stereo image a little to balance it up and then applied a 30 band EQ to remove that flat feel and inject some life and space into the instruments.

It's a superb stereo recording which really doesn't sound nearly 40 years old. This is a great record of a great live band in total control of their instruments and having a ball on stage, and is well worth downloading. The show is available for download here.

Love Your Life
Same Feeling, Different Song
A Love Of Your Own
McEwan's Export
Your Love Is A Miracle
She's A Dream
If I Ever Lose This Heaven
Pick Up The Pieces

Friday, 31 March 2017

Show 96 - Fatal Charm - Paris Theatre London - 1981

Fatal Charm were formed in 1978 in Nottingham and made a name for themselves in support slots for both OMD and Ultravox in 1980. They continued to write and record in various lineups through the 1980s.

I was lent a cassette with this recording on it, along with the 2 tracks from the flexi disc they used to give out at gigs. Those 2 tracks are included on the compilation album "Plastic", which can still be bought from the shop on the band's website, so I've taken them off the recording here. What you have left is this rather short recording from an FM broadcast of excerpts from their 1981 live set recorded at the BBC's Paris Theatre, in Lower Regent Street, London.

Anyway, the recording was good quality and hadn't really degraded with age, so no major repairs were needed other than some noise reduction and volume balancing. Then it was out with the trusty 30 band EQ to improve clarity and space between the instruments and improve the bottom end somewhat of what was a rather flat recording; hopefully its a far clearer mix now than it ever was.

The show is available for free download here

Western Laughter
Le Boulevard
Dark Eyes
The Dark

Special thanks to Dave Barker (Fatal Charm's keyboard player) for clarifying one of the song titles.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Paper Toys - The High Touch


A bit of a one off for me this one. Many many years ago (1988) I played in a band and at our first gig, the support was a duo called Paper Toys. We've known them on and off ever since. They went through other incarnations and several personnel changes, including being known as Desire and Eden's Rage, before splitting up in the mid 1990s.

In 1988 they went from supporting my band to supporting Gary Numan on his UK tour that year. This tape is a recording of that tour, recorded at The Astoria, London, 12 October 1988.

The lineup at that time featured founder members Joe Quinton on guitar and lead vocal, Paul Nichols on bass and vocals, with Jenny Startin on keyboards and also Ultravox drummer Warren Cann who came on to play guitar on their last song.

Originally released officially by the band at the time, I was approached by Paul and asked if I could tidy it up a bit.  So with a fair bit of 30 band EQing and a bit of noise reduction, and a little editing here and there, here's the result.

With the band's permission, it now exists for download as 1 MP3 here.

Side 1
Too Much Of A High Touch
Love Off The Rebound
When There's Two Of You
Someone Like Myself

Side 2
Cold Surrender
Truth Unblessed
Feeling Good Now
Love In Me
When There's Two Of You (Double Mix)**

*4 track demo
**Mix produced by Warren Cann

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Show 95 - Dramatis - Paris Theatre London - May 1982

Dramatis were Russell Bell, Chris Payne, Ced Sharpley and Denis Haines - all members of Gary Numan's backing band from 1979-1981 and during 1981/2 were signed to Elton John's Rocket Records label, releasing 7 singles and an album.

This is a remaster of an FM broadcast of excerpts from their live set from 1982 recorded at the BBC's Paris Theatre, in Lower Regent Street, London - they were a 3 piece at this point, with Haines having left after the album was released. I had a copy of this recording, taped off the radio back in the day which disappeared over the years. Many years later, I was able to replace it with an mp3 copy which really wasn't very good - very muffled and dull sounding but at the time I couldn't find better.

I recently had a request to remaster this gig and upload it to Live and Loud! and I wanted to do better than resurrect my mp3 copy - someone must surely have a better source! So I asked around. Another copy was forthcoming which was much clearer but had a lot of hiss on it (unremovable amounts of it, in fact, as it turned out). But then! Someone got in touch who had a copy on cassette recorded at the time - and that was better still. Result!

So after collecting it, I transferred it to a lossless audio file and got to work. It was a typical radio mix from the time - very flat, dry and sparse sounding. I removed the small amounts of tape hiss and spent much time putting it through a 30 band EQ to enhance the bass, drums and guitar and create space between the instruments (as per usual). I'm pleased to say it sounds much more punchy and clear now, with everything rather more "live".

The one album released, For Future Reference is worth tracking down - its been released on budget re-releases a couple of times since 1981 credited to Gary Numan/Tubeway Army as "The Dramatis Project" among other names which does a big disservice to 4 great musicians, frankly. In more recent times, there were plans for Dramatis to reform and get their back catalogue rereleased - they have apparently regained ownership of it - but drummer Ced Sharpley sadly passed away a few years ago and it seems enthusiasm from the remaining members to continue has dissipated since. Which is a shame.

So that leaves this - as sometimes happened with the BBC recordings, it wasn't recorded especially well but hopefully with what I've done its far more listenable now than it ever was.

The show is available for free download here

Sand And Stone
I Only Find Rewind
Face On The Wall
I Can See Her Now
Love Needs No Disguise
Pomp And Stompandstamp
The Shame

Friday, 10 March 2017

Show 94 - The Skids - The Odeon, Edinburgh - 7 September 1979

There seem to be very few recordings available for The Skids and most of those are audience recordings. However, I did find online a good stereo recording of a full gig from 1979 a month before the first release of Days In Europa.

However, the copy online is damaged - the cassette it was stored on had deteriorated to the point that at several points the sound drops in places. So this one currently takes the prize for longest time spent restoring and repairing! I spent several hours going through and trying to restore what I could - some parts I could fix completely, some only partially fixed - ultimately there are still faults here and there but they're far less than before.

After that, I used the 30 band EQ to enhance the bass, drums and guitar and create space between the instruments as per usual. The keyboards are still a bit too loud in the mix (not much I could do about those) but this is a great gig and well worth downloading. You can hear the band warm up as the gig continues and after the first few songs they're on fire.

Lasting over 90 minutes, the show is available for download HERE.

Out of Town
Melancholy Soldiers
Working for the Yankee Dollar
Dulce et Decorum Est (Pro Patria Mori)
The Olympian
Pros and Cons
Scared to Dance
The Saints Are Coming
Vanguards Crusade
Home of the Saved
A Day in Europa
Of One Skin
Into the Valley

All the Young Dudes

Encore 2:
Panic In The World (with Bill Nelson)
Into the Valley

Incidentally, there's a page about the venue (long since closed) here 

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Radio Prog 3: Depeche Mode: BBC Studio Session 11 June 1981

Live and Loud! Radio is an occasional series of free downloads, starting January 2017. Radio sessions that never got an official release, sympathetically repaired and remastered and then released onto the internet, all for free.

No theme tune, no intro from me - just the original session, repaired and remastered and available in a downloadable zip file containing each separate track. 

Live and Loud! Radio Prog 3:  Depeche Mode: BBC Studio Session 11 June 1981 

01. Boys Say Go! (not included - see below*)
02. Big Muff
03. Photographic
04. Tora! Tora! Tora!

The session is available as a zip file, containing each track. You can get it by clicking HERE.

Original files had 30 band EQ to remove mid range muddiness and enhance bass and upper frequencies, creating more "space" in the tracks between the instruments.Other than that, I just edited the end of each track to fade out better than the copies I had.

* Boys Say Go is not included as it was released officially on the "1 And Only - 25 Years Of Radio 1" album in 1992.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Show 93 - Blancmange - The Paradiso Amsterdam - 9 April 1983

I originally intended to remaster a recording from the Manchester Hacienda from 1982 - not realising it was on general DVD release (I assume officially). Which is a shame as I had it sounding really good! Instead I found this one - an interesting (but sadly short) FM broadcast from Dutch radio of a live set by Blancmange from 1983. There are some faults with this - essentially some FM static on the first song in various places (I've removed or lessened what I could) and the last track broadcast, Blind Vision, has had to be faded out rather abruptly by the original taper to remove the radio lead in to the news. But its a little gem, nonetheless, featuring tracks from Happy Families and also Mange Tout which was released a year later.

Apart from working on the static noise and a few clicks, I used EQ to tighten up a rather bass heavy recording and give some space to the instruments and vocals.

Lasting just over half an hour, the show is available for download HERE.

I've Seen The Word
The Game Above My Head
Running Thin
Feel Me
Blind Vision

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Show 92: Sisters of Mercy - Trojan Horse The Hague - 26 May 1984

A first appearance for The Sisters of Mercy, with a gig recorded in The Netherlands in 1984. There are several versions of this recording around but I believe I was sent an excellent copy of the naked soundboard recording which was a joy to work on - it's benefited from some sympathetic EQ which has improved separation between each of the instruments as well as improving the sound of each - guitars shimmer and sparkle, the drums are crisp and punchy, the bass is more distinct and Eldritch rises from the shadows. I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.

The show is now available to download exclusively for free here

Body and Soul
Walk Away
Body Electric

Gimme Shelter
Sister Ray

I can't pretend to be an expert on The Sisters but I am indebted to Ollie - who is! - and it was he who lobbied for me to remaster this recording. He also asked if he could write a piece about this show for me and this is reproduced below (thanks Ollie!). Incidentally, there's an interesting blog piece written by a Sisters fan about this very gig which you can find here.

Now, this is Ollie's piece:

The Sisters of Mercy have a long, wild history. You may think may 1984 is an early stage of their career, but in fact several line-up changes were behind them already.The then popular singles and EPs like "Alice" or "Temple of Love" (the original version, without Ofra Haza of course ;-) ) had been recorded with guitarist Ben Gunn, who joined the group in early 1982 and left in late 1983. So founder members Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx, supported by Craig Adams on bass since 1981, replaced Gunn with Wayne Hussey, ex Dead or Alive.

Now in early 1984, quite a lot is new for the Sisters: new line-up, new single ("Body and Soul"), a major deal with WEA records, and even Doktor Avalanche, their drum-machine, got a make-over. Compared to 1983, the sound changed. The songs are played straighter, and Wayne Hussey adds a new guitar style by playing a 12 string...here we have the birth of what would become the sound of the "First And Last And Always" album.

The setlist is the standard one for this tour. They serve a mixture of early singles ("Body Electric", "Alice") B-sides ("Heartland", Adrenochrome"), the new single "Body and Soul" and an early version of "Walk Away", the first written by Wayne Hussey, as well as their famous cover versions "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones, "Emma" by Hot Chocolate and their dark and driving interpretation of The Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray". The Velvet's song finished their encore in a guitar orgy, the highlight and climax of a Sisters gig in this era and The Sisters at their best, captured here perfectly now in this remastered soundboard recording.

Unfortunately this line-up, regarded by many fans as the definitive one, didn't last long. They did three long tours and released one legendary album, then in June 1985 did their famous last gig at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams formed The Mission, and Andrew Eldritch entered the charts in 1987 with his "Floodland"- album.

The rest is history...

Monday, 30 January 2017

Radio Prog 2: Kraftwerk: HR1 Frankfurt Radio Concert 25 January 1974

Live and Loud! Radio is an occasional series of free downloads, starting January 2017. Radio sessions that never got an official release, sympathetically repaired and remastered and then released onto the internet.

No theme tune, no intro from me - just the original session, repaired and remastered and available in a downloadable zip file.

Live and Loud! Radio Prog 2: Kraftwerk: HR1 Frankfurt Radio Concert, 25 January 1974

Radio Announcer
Kohoutek/Kometenmelodie I & II

This is a concert specifically created for radio - Kraftwerk were top of a bill featuring 3 acts - more information is available in the download.

The zip file contains the show and a text file with more information about the original concert and a translation of the German radio announcer. You can get it by clicking here.

The original recording has a basic mix with each instrument in a particular place in the stereo image - electronic percussion was bizarrely over on the extreme left, so I've reshaped the stereo image and moved the percussion slightly just to take away the unpleasant effect of having the percussion overload the left hand side too much. I then used 30 band EQ to enhance bass and upper frequencies, creating more "space" in the tracks between the instruments and bringing out detail which you can't hear on the original (to those interested, a screenshot of the EQ is in the zip too).

If you know anyone who wants a copy of these tracks, I'd rather you redirect anyone to this page for a copy but if you do redistribute please use the original zip with the tracks and info file! Thank you. :)

Friday, 27 January 2017

Show 91: Crowded House - Bottom Line New York - 22 March 1987

A second gig from Crowded House for Live and Loud! - and this one is from much earlier in their careers. After forming in 1985 when Split Enz came to an end, they eventually moved to the USA to record their first album - Crowded House - which was released in June 1986. Don’t Dream Its Over became a huge hit later that year and broke the band around the world.

They went back to the USA at the start of February 1987 and started 4 solid months of touring the country. This show is from that tour and was the first of 2 nights at The Bottom Line; this show originally broadcast on FM radio there.

The recording was in fairly good condition, just a bit flat sounding. Someone had faded out the end of every track on this recording before I got it, so there's not QUITE so much banter from the band in between songs as on the other show I did last year (you can find the other 2 Crowded House shows here) but its still a great show. I repaired some of those fades where they were quite severe and with some EQ to separate out and enhance the instruments and remove some of the sibilance from Neil's vocals, the show has polished up pretty well and sounds very clear.

The show is now available for free download HERE

This Is Massive
When You Come
Mean To Me
World Where You Live
That's What I Call Love
One Step Ahead
Recurring Dream
Something So Strong
Love You 'til The Day I Die
Hole In The River
Don't Dream It's Over
Now We're Getting Somewhere
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Tombstone (with Love in the Fowl House ( Pretty Little Hen) / Anarchy In The UK)
Better Be Home Soon
Sister Madly
Not Fade Away

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Show 90: Duran Duran - Capitaine Video Club Paris - 8 September 1981

This time its Duran Duran from their very first trip into Europe, after the release of their debut album. The recording is unfortunately quite short, from a French FM broadcast, and in common with several other French FM broadcasts I have, the presenters do like to talk in between songs quite a bit!  I guess to stop home taping - thankfully though, someone saved this for posterity. The story is that with it being recorded for broadcast, apparently EMI paid for Duran fans from Birmingham to be ferried over to Paris for this gig, to ensure there was a crowd!

The recording was at the wrong speed (Fame was scooting along at warp speed...) so I've slowed it down a bit. After some hiss reduction and EQ to even out the sound and put some space between the instruments, it was done.

There will no doubt be a 3rd Duran Duran show up on the site in a few months. In the meantime, the show is now available to download exclusively for free here

Anyone Out There?
Night Boat
Planet Earth
Sound Of Thunder
Girls On Film


Friday, 13 January 2017

Show 89: Jean Michel Jarre - La Defense Paris - 14 July 1990

In 1990, Jean Michel Jarre released his 10th studio album, Waiting For Cousteau, dedicated to marine conservationist Jacques Cousteau, on Cousteau’s 80th birthday on 11 June. A month later he promoted the album with a huge live event in Paris, on Bastille Day. Backed by many of his usual collaborators on synthesisers and drums, he was joined by a steel band, a choir and enormous marionettes alongside the usual extravagant light show. The show was watched by an estimated 2.5 million people live in the city, setting a new record.

The original copy of the FM broadcast I had given to me (thank you, you know who you are!) was quite thin and compressed but with some patient EQ and fixing a couple of defects, now sounds far better, if not entirely compression free.

In the 1990s a VHS video was issued of this show but that had tracks missing; this recording does have all tracks present. Incidentally, in common with other French broadcast recordings I have, they do like to talk in between tracks! So you will hear the odd spoken link in between tracks, as well as at the end of the recording before M. Jarre says his final farewell.

The show is now available to download exclusively for free here.

Oxygene 4
Equinoxe 4
Equinoxe 5
Souvenir of China
Magnetic Fields II
Revolution, Revolutions
Second Rendez-Vous
Calypso 2
Calypso 3 – Fin De Si├Ęcle
Fourth Rendez-Vous
Calypso (encore)

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Show 88: Gary Numan - Live At The Ritz Theatre New York - 26 Oct 1982

This is a remaster of a recording by someone from the audience on the night. As such it might not be as clear as most of the gigs on the archive. However, recordings of this tour are few and far between and all are poor quality, and some songs were never played live again, so I've done what I can to make this one listenable.

I could write a book on all the work involved in fixing this one. Of 3 sources, I started work on one only to find that 1 track in particular had lots of noises I couldn't remove on it, so I started from scratch on the next best source. Hours of editing, volume balancing, selectively EQing different parts to reduce the effect of distortion, reducing large amounts of tape hiss without killing the recording altogether, as well as the usual EQ to bring out the instruments and voice...well, I'm glad to see this one done, put it that way! I hope you think its worth it.

The show is now available to download exclusively for free here.

This is My House
I, Assassin
Remind Me to Smile
Music for Chameleons
She's Got Claws
Every Day I Die
Down in the Park
White Boys and Heroes
War Songs
We Take Mystery (To Bed)
This Wreckage
We Are Glass

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Radio Prog 1 - Nash The Slash CBC FM August 1979

Live and Loud! Radio is an occasional series of free downloads, starting January 2017. Radio sessions that never got an official release, sympathetically repaired and remastered and then released onto the internet.

No theme tune, no intro from me - just the original session, repaired and remastered and available in a downloadable zip file containing each separate track.

Live and Loud! Radio Prog 1:  Nash The Slash: "Goldrush" on CBC-FM, August 1979

1 DJ Intro
2 In A Glass Eye
3 Baba O'Riley
4 Wolf
5 DJ Outro

The session is available as a zip file, containing each track. You can get it by clicking here.

Original files had noise reduction applied via Izotope RX5 and then 30 band EQ to remove mid range muddiness and enhance bass and upper frequencies, creating more "space" in the tracks between the instruments. I didn't take away every last bit of hiss - frankly that can also remove a lot of the recording and end up sounding awful. Ultimately this is about preserving the music. But believe me, there was a lot more hiss on the original source files.

Some clicks and tape dropouts have also been repaired - you won't hear where. :)  The ones you can hear, I couldn't fix without access to a better copy (which may not exist, who knows?).

If you know anyone who wants a copy of these tracks, I'd rather you redirect anyone to this page for a copy but if you do redistribute please use the original zip with the tracks and info file! Thank you. :)