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Live and Loud! began as a fortnightly internet radio show taking old unreleased live concert recordings I could find and working to repair and improve them - fixing tape hiss, noise, tape drop out, clicks, speed variations, defects - before improving the sound quality by EQing the sound to bring out the instruments as clearly as possible. These are now made directly available to download for free to reach as many fans of the music as possible.

Depending on the quality of the original recording, these can often be made to sound almost like commercial recordings - but of course I can't guarantee that for every show. What I can guarantee is it will sound far better than the original files available which have been floating around the internet and on bootleg recordings for many years.

Almost all are either "soundboard" recordings taken directly from the mixing desk used at the gig on the night - or old FM radio recordings. A few gigs, if they are of special historical importance, make an appearance even if they were recorded from the audience.

Do your ears a favour and listen on headphones or good speakers to get most benefit - laptop speakers will always sound pretty poor by comparison.

All shows still available are listed, including a link to download the remastered show for free. If you want the shows in lossless format, or as separate tagged files, head over to the Rewards for Donations page and see how you can get a lot for very little!

And finally... These are great fun to listen to but DO NOT replace original releases - support these artists and buy their music.
There is nothing you can go and buy in a regular record store here. If a gig is made available as a regular release, then it will be removed (as a couple have been already).

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Show 111 - Men Without Hats - Live At Club Casino, Hampton Beach NH - 7 Aug 1983

A debut on Live and Loud! for Canadian band, Men Without Hats.

This was a short FM broadcast recorded for the BBC Rock Hour in the USA and only features 6 songs. It was quite a muffled, low fi recording but some judicious use of my 30 band EQ has cleaned it up a lot and its very listenable, even if some of the singing and playing on the night was a bit...wayward! The set contains songs from their first album Rhythm of Youth and also a couple which would later turn up on their second - Folk of the 80s (Part III) - released in 1984

You can download it for free here as 1 MP3 file (you may be temporarily redirected to an ad - if you have adblocking software, please disable it for this page - the link will be available very shortly after). On the other hand, if you would like to have separate tagged MP3s, or even lossless files in FLAC format, head on over to the Donations tab to see how you can obtain these for a very small donation towards the site costs.

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