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Friday 29 June 2018

Show 125 - The Human League - Live at Derby Assembly Rooms - 21 May 1980

Probably a final gig on Live and Loud! for the Mk 1 lineup - there aren't many recordings of them and the best one, from Amsterdam, I've already done (here). The others (including this one) are audience recordings and mostly not very good ones; this one is the clearest I've come across and even this has taken a lot of work to clean up. Still, it''s a full set and so well worth preserving!

So...this is an audience recording of The Human League - warts and all. Analogue synths occasionally (!) go out of tune, there are bum notes...some great backing vocals on some songs from Martyn Ware - this is a proper live recording. I tidied up some differences in volume and used a lot of 30 band EQ to bring back some bottom end (you can hear the kick drums and bass synths far better now), toned down the harsh top end and made the recording clearer. I also worked on the sound to widen it - this was originally recorded back in 1980 on a little mono tape recorder, so kudos to the original taper for getting a clear recording for me to work on 38 years later... Hopefully if he ever comes across this, he'll like this improved version.

You can download this improved recording for free here as one tagged 320 kbps MP3 file.

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Either way - enjoy the show!

The Black Hit Of Space
The Touchables
Dreams Of Leaving
Girl One
Life Kills
Almost Medieval
Perfect Day
Crow And A Baby
Only After Dark
Being Boiled
Blind Youth
W.X.J.L. Tonight
Empire State Human
2nd Encore:


  1. Hello Flip

    Many Many Thanks...For this Superduper Whole complete Concert With Human League In this So very Early Stage Like All time good Being Boiled, Marianne and so Pure synth History

    Anyway Flip Have you Maybe come across Any Human League Radio Session ? Or Some Recordng From Famous Dare Period Would be fantastic with any recording from 1982 Dare Period

    But i am So very pleased with this Recording Many thanks Flip

    / Tomas

    1. Hi Tomas. Very pleased you enjoy the recording. I do have some later Dare period live recordings - 1 is likely to be coming in a few months. So do keep checking the site.

  2. WOWser! Thank you for sharing. I am a long time fan of the Human League.

    1. You're welcome - hope you found the other HL shows here too then!