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Sunday 28 May 2017

Show 102 - Howard Jones - Paris Theatre London - 5 Oct 1983

***2021 UPDATE

This show is now offline. I have been asked to remove it as there is a chance of the recording being made available on a future release. As per the site ethos - nothing stays here if its released, or if I'm asked to remove it pending a release. So if you're interested in this show, please keep an eye out on HJ's official news groups and pages for when this might become available. This page is now here for information only.

Information on the boxed set this recording has been included in is HERE

Some time back I was asked if I could find an early Howard Jones recording - it took a while but I finally found some and this was the earliest. Someone had already worked on this and to be honest it sounded pretty bad - far too loud, noise pushed up too and the sound balance was lopsided! So I spent some time fixing the sound balance, removing some noise and then EQing to remove the worst of the OTT bass that had been added and tidy up the rest.

Interesting to hear Howard introduce What Is Love? as just "Love" first of all, before correcting himself - that was its original title (you can hear a very early version of the song if you read on to the bottom of the page!).

Anyway, the gig does sound nice and clear now, just a shame its a little short!

Update 2019
While preparing this old show as separate files for a donator to the site, I found I could now improve the sound quality further, over what I’d originally done to the recording several years ago. You can now download this new version (as of 2019) HERE as 1 new 320kbps MP3 file.

If you would like to have separate tagged MP3s, or even lossless files in FLAC format of the new version, head on over to the Donations tab to see how you can obtain these for a very small donation towards the site costs.

New Song
Dreams Of A Better Place ((early version of Dream Into Action)
What Is Love?

And for those of you who have read to the end of this page - there's an extra freebie for you as a reward! ;-)

I came across what was labeled as some early Howard Jones demos, including a very early version of What is Love? The file says 1977 - can't tell you whether that's accurate or not - and a couple of people below refuse to believe its even HJ at all - but I thought it would be a nice little extra to throw in as this gig is quite short and you can make your own minds up. Please note, I've not done anything with the sound on these, they are "as is" so a bit noisy and old sounding!

You can download the zip file containing 5 tracks here.


  1. The demos are also a sign of how technology moved on rapidly ;)

  2. So Many Thanks Flip.. For this Most fantastic Howard Jones live recording

    This Made my day alot Pity, that is so little short, but fantastic to hear

    Many thanks again Flip

    / Tomas

    1. You're very welcome Tomas. I will hopefully get chance to do another 80s gig by Mr Jones in a few months time. Got a few other bands to do first though :)

  3. Thnaks for HOJO but those demos are a joke . Firstly Hojo not even around in 1977. Secondly no way in the world in that Howard Jones. Someone's pulling your leg!!

    1. He was active in music for years before that - his own website says so. Others can make their own minds up; I've just said what they're labeled as. What Is Love? was certainly an earlier song called Love originally though and that appears on the demo recordings. Thanks for listening.

    2. Trust me it's NOTHING like HoJo! (NKelly)

    3. I've updated the page to clarify my position on these - no doubt there are others with far more knowledge of his work than me. At any rate people can make their own minds up.

  4. Howard Jones still has it he's a great performer

    1. Yes he is - I got to see his piano only show last year. Thanks for listening!

  5. I really enjoyed the songs from 1983. You can throw me in the "I'm not sure those 1977 demos are HoJo" category, but they were an interesting listen nonetheless. Thanks, Flip!

  6. The 1977 demos were recorded by Martin Jones on guitar, Roy Jones on vocals with Bill Bryant assisting with technicalities. As you guessed it, they are you ger brothers of Howard’s. Howard met Bill later on and the rest is history. By the way Howard ended the show above with a piano version of Don’t Always Look at the Rain. Recorded on 5 October, 1983 at the Paris Theater in London for BBC One Radio. Broadcasted on 15 October, 1983. You can learn more about the event in the HoJo fanzine Risk #4. All the best. - Jerry Markham

  7. Howard's brothers are on the 1977 recording, Roy on vocals and Martin on guitar. Howard was not on those recordings. Bill Bryant assisted with technicalities. Later Howard met Bill and the rest is history. As for the concert mentioned above. Howard ended the show with a piano version of Don't Always Look at the Rain. This was mentioned in Howard's fanzine RISK #4. - Jerry Markham

    1. Hi Jerry, appreciate you adding the clarification!