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Friday 19 September 2014

Show 43: Japan - Their Final Concert - Nagoya, Japan - 16 December 1982

From the same tour that produced the Oil On Canvas list album, listen to this gig and compare it with the show from the Polaroids tour taken from the year before. Here they sound like a band worn out by their differences, keen for the adventure to end. And this night, it did. This is the very last gig Japan ever played together.

This is a soundboard recording but the quality isn't quite A1 - however, its responded pretty well to the fairy dust I've sprinkled on it so I hope you agree its more than listenable. The occasion was recorded and deserves to be heard.

Incidentally, die hard Japan fans will know 2 tracks are missing from the setlist here. There is an unofficial vinyl double album bootleg of this gig which is the only place you can find the final 2 tracks  played on the night - "Life In Tokyo" and "Fall In Love With Me". If anyone has a copy of that, do let me know!

The show is available for download HERE as 1 MP3 file. 

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Sons Of Pioneers
Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Cantonese Boy
Visions Of China
Still Life In Mobile Homes
Methods Of Dance
Quiet Life
European Son
The Art Of Parties


  1. Not the greatest performance perhaps but an historical document nonetheless. Thanks for the chance to hear it!

    1. You're welcome - an earlier Japan gig from 1979 coming soon in the new series.

  2. Some great shows here thanks. Can anyone tell me why after I download a show to my tablet. (Nexus7) and click it I get a message saying 'can't open file' ?

    1. No idea sorry, not heard of any similar problems. They're straight forward mp3s though so shouldn't be any problems. Perhaps try playing them on another device? Sounds like the tablet isn't recognising them as mp3s? An earlier Japan gig is coming very soon.

  3. Hi...i download some ago the nagoya concert compplete including the 2 missing tracks and the mp3 soundstreet interview from the LP

    Tell me if you are interesed

    Best regards

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Hi again...
    I checked my japan files and it's another venue december 8 1982 in budokan but includes the aforementioned tracks

    tell me if you need them

    1. Hi Julio - I've recently been sent that a copy of that show! Thanks for the offer though.

  5. Many thanks for this, been looking for some quality live stuff of theirs for a while, this is one of the better recordings i've come across.

    It's a shame you had to pull the 16 March 1980 bootleg, i have the official Quiet Life 2020 remaster that supposedly used the same live bootleg. Its horrible, can't believe they made it an official release.

    BTW - some software and devices won't recognise or play a large MP3 file and may give an obscure error message even if its a valid MP3. Its perhaps worth pointing this out on the site ?

    Anyway, thanks again :)

    Tony W.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks. Yeah the 1980 show included in the box set seems to be just the plain bootleg, which was pretty bad. The restoration I did was downloaded over 1100 times, so maybe you can get a copy via the online forums and groups if you ask around - someone is bound to have it.

      Do you know what, in 9 years that's the first time I've heard that. I've never had anyone mention that before. Interesting. I'll see what I can find out about it. Thanks for the feedback.