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Depending on the quality of the original recording, these can often be made to sound almost like commercial recordings - but of course I can't guarantee that for every show. What I can guarantee is it will sound far better than the original files available which have been floating around the internet and on bootleg recordings for many years.

Almost all are either "soundboard" recordings (taken directly from the mixing desk used at the gig on the night) or old FM radio recordings. A few gigs, if they are of special historical importance, make an appearance even if they were recorded from the audience - these can also be made to sound better than ever.

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Monday 27 July 2020

Show 151 - Devo - Live At The Palladium Dallas Texas - 4 Aug 1979

A welcome return for Devo to the Live and Loud! archives. Shows from their Duty Now For The Future tour are fairly rare so I was glad to come across this one, containing several unreleased gems.

Although my copy of this gig in lossless format didn't come from there directly, I must give a big shoutout to the guys at Booji Boy's Basement who transferred the original taped material and have been maintaining an online archive accessible to fans for many years.

Although it is an audience recording, and had a few faults, I've been able to upgrade the sound quality a lot. I removed some of the room ambience you always get with audience shows, fixed some errors and tape drop outs, some clicks, pops and odd noises, did what I could with some overloaded volume as well as slowed the pitch and speed a little as it was running too fast. After all that, I used a bit of studio magic, 30 band EQ and finally some mastering tools to finish off.

You can safely download this restored recording for free HERE as one 320 kbps MP3 file with no nasty pop ups or ads getting in the way. Or, if you would like to support the site with a small donation towards storage, subscription and internet costs, in return you can have the remastered show as separate, properly tagged MP3s or lossless files in FLAC format; head on over to the Donations tab to see how you can do this.

Either way - enjoy the show! And don't forget to check out the other Devo shows on the site!

General Boy Film Intro (fades out)
Softcore Mutations (Early Version of Going Under)
Timing X
Soo Bawlz
Secret Agent Man
Pink Pussycat
Penetration In The Centerfold
Strange Pursuit
Those Darn Girls
S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)
Rod's Rooter's Big Ream - Roll Out The Barrel (Video Projection)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Praying Hands
Uncontrollable Urge
Jocko Homo
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin')

Come Back Jonee
Gut Feeling/(Slap Your Mammy)
DEVO Corporate Anthem
In Heaven Everything Is Fine
The One That Gets Away

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